We are distributors of the fantastic Correx ® brand of Corrugated Plastic (corex) Board, Sheet and Rolls . If you want the very best quality, always ask for Genuine Correx ®. Do not buy cheap alternatives brought in from China, Genuine Correx ® is made right here in the UK. We offer a full range of Correx ® Corrugated Plastic for Temporary Floor and Surface Protection, plus we can convert Correx ® to order including Custom Packaging, Cartons, Boxes, Signs and much more



packaging supplies

PACKRIGHT Packaging Materials® UK’s leading supplier of Packaging Materials and Supplies. Since 1998 we have been working with our customers meeting your budget and deadlines… every time. We pride ourselves in offering super low prices across our range in this competitive industry, plus no customer wants to waste money on a product which is often thrown away. Our products are low in price but also high in quality ensuring they protect your goods during transit avoiding you potentially huge costs in goods arriving damaged



floor protection

Tempro® are leading UK suppliers of materials for temporary protection of floors, carpets, windows and surfaces. Products include Rhino Board® Floor Protector, Sticky Shield® self-adhesive protection films for carpets, windows, hard floors and multiple surfaces, Builders Board® Breathable and spill-resistant floor protector and Correx en corrugated plastic (corex) supplies Foils and on the roll.



nagelpilz behandelnnagelpilznagelpilz behandlung

Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten seinen Nagelpilz zu behandeln z.B. mit Loceryl, Laserbehandlung, Lamisil, Terbinafin, Tabletten, Ciclopirox oder aber auch mit Hausmittel ist dies möglich. Nagelpilz ist eine gewöhnlicher und weit verbreiteter Pilzbefall der Nagelplatte, aber es ist einfacher als man denkt es wieder schnell loszuwerden. Für die Nagelpilz Behandlung, kannst du folgendes benutzen: Teebaumöl oder Listerine. Eines der besten Mittel gegen Nagelpilz ist aber Essig.